Should Lily Put Off Her Wedding To Chrys

I was wondering what my readers think about Lily and Chrys getting married. Hannah, Lily’s mother is busy planning the wedding that the immortals want to see happen. Melpomene feels that their union could heal the feelings of mistrust between the House of Zeus and House of Phorcys. The two families have been on less than friendly terms for centuries. The matriarch of the Phorcys firmly believes that the House of Zeus ordered the death of her beloved daughter Medusa. Chrys is a descendant of Ceto and Phorcys and a direct descendant of Medusa.  Lily is a descendant of Zeus and Mnemosyne and is the daughter of Hermes, Zeus favorite son. This is intended to be a happy occasion bringing the families together.

Chrys is very much at home on the world stage with his wealth and his diving for riches off the coast of Saudi Arabia. Lily has more of a loner personality being a small town girl raised in a fishing village on the coast of the northern Atlantic.

There are forces wanting to keep them apart. One is Zharah, a beautiful dark witch and the other is Edward. Edward has just stepped back into her life in the second book in the Sanctuary Series, “The Witch of Tangier”.

What do you think should happen? Please consider that Edward needs a life and Zharah may be too strong for him to handle.