Book Reviews


A comment, review or a critique is so very important to an author. They simply want to know if the reader enjoyed their book. Other readers want to know if the book is even worth opening. A review helps the author to decide if they have written something that is worth reading.

Here are a few comments made by the readers of my first novel. They helped me make the decision to create a series and to give an ongoing life to my characters. It told me that these characters are really worth knowing and gave me incentive to continue the story. Here are a few comments….


“This was a great read. It is such a visual book with such creativity and imagination in creating a life of both realism and fantasy. It was an easy read that left me wanting just a little bit more. I am looking forward to continuing the read with the next in the series. All in all, the characters, the settings, the story was filled with emotion and visualization from start to finish. Loved it.” K.S.


“Cannot put it down, a great read.” S.B.


Could not put it down – hot summer read!!! C.O.


Thank you for these kind comments. The series is the “Sanctuary Series”. In the first book “The Villa”, Hannah makes her way into the lives of a centuries old family. The second book, a work in progress, is “The Witch of Tangier”. Hannah is challenged again to enter a world unknown to humankind. Thanks for reading and thanks for following me.