Beautiful Places

This summer we decided to spend our leisure time looking at the beautiful scenery surrounding Lake Superior. The lake itself is huge and a person could drive for days just to get from one end to the other. Places close to water are a big attraction for me simply because of the greenery. The varieties of evergreen and deciduous trees in the forests are a garden on their own. A place can be an old farm-site, an abandoned house or even a small rest stop along the highway. I noticed how a lot of perennial flowers such as lupines and lilies had jumped their garden walls and started spreading into the ditches and had began to grow anywhere, even along the sides of the road. I began to look a little closer to see these little wild gardens, untended, except by nature itself. That is when I started to see patches of forget-me-nots in the fields and wild roses sometimes mixed with the wildflowers in the area. There were a lot of wet marshy areas filled with reeds and cattail in ponds with white flowers blooming on lily pads. What adds itself to all of this natural beauty was the smell and sounds from the birds and small animals living in these gardens. I realized as we drove along, I had not been paying attention to what belongs to every one of us. All of these small beautiful places have the power to put a smile on our face and forget the bills we have to pay and pollution in our cities just for a moment.
Lately I have spent a lot of time looking at my own Pinterest board, the board called “Beautiful Places”. Please join me and enjoy the quieter beauty of the earth on this board.