An Interview with Arabella (update)

This interview is with Arabella, the head of all staff working  as a domestic employee in “The Villa”. Her family’s ancestors were the first to live in the sanctuary of Zeus family. They have continued through many generations to care for this home. The  complete updated interview will be sent to all subscribers in June 2016.

Question: Hello Arabella, I am curious to know about the life of your ancestor, Hayghar. I understand, she was the first person outside of Zeus family to ever live at the Villa. How much do you know of the early years in her life here at the Villa?

Arabella: Hayghar was around twelve years old when Melpomene found her in the travel trunk outside the family’s temporary residence in Jeddah. Melpomene only intended to look at the contents of the trunk to see the spices and fabric brought from the orient. She noticed blood on some of the fabric and caught a glimpse of the unconscious Hayghar inside the trunk. The group of traders who purchased her from her parents put her in the trunk to die after one of them struck her head with a rock.  Melpomene asked her father, Zeus to look in the trunk and see if the small girl was alive. Zeus nursed her back to full health and gave her a home at the Villa.

Question: Did anyone ever find her family and if they did, were they questioned about selling her?

Arabella: At that time it was common to sell off your children to be a servant in a wealthy household. The traders thought that Hayghar was too small to be of any use to a family. That is why they decided to dispose of her. Later, Zeus had a courier bring the family of Hayghar to the Villa to become the caretakers. I am descendant of that family. We have always lived in this Villa.

Question: Did Hayghar ever marry and have children?

Arabella: Hayghar did not marry but she did have a daughter to Hermes and twin boys to Perseus. Our family has an immortality gene. Throughout the years, members of Hayghar’s family, my family, married descendants of Zeus. Actually I should not say they married. There was never a ceremony for any of the family. The immortals never married during that period of time.

Question: What did she look like?

Arabella: I am told that I resembled her features of being small boned but strong. From the drawings of her, I would say that she looks almost identical to my daughter, Qamar, with the olive skin, dark hair and almond shaped eyes.

Question: Arabella, you are descendant of Hermes and Hayghar directly and Hermes is Qamar’s father. Is that correct? Is it also correct that Hermes fathered many of Hayghar’s descendants?

Arabella: You will have to ask someone else this question. Excuse me.

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