I grew up in a small US/Canada border city on the great lakes. Life was easy,  filled with a lot of visiting within the rather large family, friends and neighbors. I spent most of my professional career as a medical laboratory technologist working overseas in the Middle East. I am sure that my desire to travel and see as much as I could see of the world was fueled by the ships blowing their horns while passing through the locks calling upon me to imagine all of the foreign ports where they had been docked.

Currently, I live in Calgary, Canada  with my husband and two cats. The cats are in charge of our house. Every aspect of our life accommodates their comfort, their safety and their happiness. I have raised four children who are now on their own with their children, every one of them perfect.

Most of my time now is spent writing, volunteering at our family travel agency, gardening and traveling these days. I do indulge myself in reading my favorite authors whenever I get the chance and do spend time browsing the internet. You can reach me at:

E-mail me: bluheron@shaw.ca